What do we do?

We design and write affordable, easy to use, database driven bespoke software for business.

Time saving

We design systems to save you and your teams time. If you are struggling with admin and seem to spend forever doing it, we can help.

Stop information loss

We design systems to stop things falling through the cracks.

Stop forgetting things

We design systems to stop things getting forgotten

Enhance your profits

We designs systems to help business become more profitable.

Enhance your businesses value

We designs systems to enhance the value of a business.

Reduce stress

We designs systems to help reduce peoples stress.

Expand without adding more staff

We designs systems to help business expand by helping admin scale so the business might not need more admin staff.

Replace your spreadsheets

We designs systems to get rid of troublesome, difficult to use and often incorrect spreadsheets and replace them with an easy to use well crafted bespoke software app speciaifcally designed around your business and around your people, that works the way you want to work.

Information updated in realtime for everyone

If you and your team need access to constantly up to date information but find you simply cannot get at it, or it is impossible to get the spreadsheets to talk to each other, we can help.

Get more done, more easily

A well crafted piece of bespoke software can do so much more than spreadsheets can. It can liberate you and your teams time, freeing you up to make informed decisions.


Return on investment is typically less than 12 months, and in some instances less than 6 months.

Pay only for what you want and need...

...and not for what you don't want.

Who are we?

We have been writing software for our own use since early 2003. Then for friends and family, and finally we were encouraged to offer our services to other businesses. We are passionate about helping others enjoy the benefits of well designed and carefully written software designed just for them.

What do our clients think of us and their new software?

This is what some of our clients have to say. We would love to see how we can help you

If you want to find out more please call or email us for an informal, no obligation and no cost discussion about how a bespoke app could enhance your business. We have the skills and abilities to create something very special tailored specifically to help you and your business get the job done.